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How gipsy is different to my Antivirus, VPN and Firewall?

The first thing to remember is that there us no one magic bullet that can protect you and your family online. gipsy is no different and should be part of a wider defense. In the past these defenses were only affordable by corporates, but gipsy makes this available to all.

When you work in a big office, they have expensive tools to provide layers of protection. Before gipsy, this type of tech was not affordable. Now it is!

We have been selling our databases of the latest hacker scams to the world’s biggest security companies for almost two decades. Now we have bundled this tech into an affordable product for every home and small business.

What’s the difference between gipsy and my Antivirus?

Q: I have bought antivirus surely that is enough to protect me against hackers and viruses?

A: Antivirus is a useful tool as part of your overall cybersecurity defenses however it has its limitations within the home.

gipsy works in conjunction with your antivirus to protect your home. Corporates do not rely on just Antivirus and neither should you. So, what’s the difference?

1. We cover every device

Antivirus software only protects devices on which its installed. gipsy protects every internet connected device in the house.

The modern home has on average 15 connected internet devices including mobiles, gaming, smart TVs, AI assistants, CCTV, smart doorbells, etc. The odds are you only have antivirus on your computer and the rest are not protected.

2. We stop threats getting into the home

AV is limited to scans for viruses if you try to run software on your computer. gipsy is trying to stop these entering your home in the 1st place.

Antivirus program only scans for malicious files on whatever device it is installed on. gipsy is continuously analyzing every incoming packet of data at source

3. Antivirus can be weak on phishing attacks

One of your biggest concerns online should be being fooled into clicking on a link and unknowingly giving away your bank passwords or other important data.

Over 93% of internet crime is done through email scams. Corporates use IPS (Intrusion Protection Systems) as part of their cyber defenses to try and limit phishing attacks. Before gipsy, such tech was not available for the home.

In most phishing scams you will click through to a rogue website which means that you are telling your antivirus you trust the rogue website. You can render your own antivirus useless by accident.

I use a VPN to download movies. Does that keep me safe?

A VPN does very little to protect you. A VPN is nothing but an encrypted tunnel to another computer.

VPN services use powerful encryption protocols but that doesn’t mean they have the power to stop computer viruses and malware programs from attacking your data.

The cheap VPN you buy online to download free movies only hides your location/IP. In fact, it may just be encrypting the traffic to virus filled machines of people sharing illegal information online making things much worse.

I use a VPN to connect to my corporate office. Does that keep me safe?

If you use your corporate VPN and then connect to the internet, then you are secured behind their defenses. However, you must remember if you are using your computer for more than just connecting to your corporate office through their VPN then you are at risk. Your computer can then become a gateway into that corporate environment.

My router and my computer come with firewalls. Does that keep me safe?

Firewalls are used to block and filter traffic while gipsy is designed to detect and alert a system administrator or prevent the attack.

A firewall allows internet traffic into your home based on a set of rules. It will stop anything that does not meet these rules.

A gipsy is a much smarter device. It is constantly watching for behaviors that may have been designed to fool your firewall and it will block suspicious activity.

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