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The average home has over 15.4 devices and its growing fast!

Protecting your laptop is no longer enough as homes continue to add more internet connected devices.

Household tech takeover

The research, which maps changing possessions in UK homes, found that the average home now has 10.3 internet-enabled devices – such as computers, tablets, phones, games consoles and smart TVs – equating to more than 286 million nationally 2.

Children increase the number further. A home with three children typically contains 15.4 devices.

A similar Aviva study released in January 2017 revealed UK homes contained 8.2 devices, meaning the number of connected appliances per home has increased by 26% in the last three years.

The increase is perhaps owing to more devices – like security cameras and thermostats – having internet capabilities, and technology becoming more affordable.

How to protect a growing list of devices?

Families simply don't have the technical expertise to keep up with this technological change. The days of putting net nanny on the main laptop simply do not work anymore as internet access points are everywhere. The TV, game console and even the fridge can now connect to the internet.

gipsy allows families to at least take control of what goes through the router. This is the main gateway in the house to the internet. If you can control this then you can at least have the reassurance that a specialist company is putting best practice in place to protect your family.

What about the kids mobile data package?

Kids also now have their own mobiles with data packages and may feel they can work around the gipsy.

We suggest that you insist they are kept downstairs and only used while you are around. Remember if you are concerned here you can also manage the content going through that device with their mobile operator.

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