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So my Fridge is sending SPAM

As the number of internet devices in homes explodes families must put protections in place. Each of these devices has processing power that is useful to hackers. They may also use these devices to lurk within your home.

What can families do to protect themselves?

Having anti-virus on your laptop is no longer enough. This is just one device in your household and you need to protect all of them.

Broadband providers provide simple firewalls on their routers but again these can only protect you in some scenarios.

gipsy manages all the traffic in and out of your broadband connection. We have put policies in place to protect you from thousands of different intrusion attacks. We are constantly updating your home defenses against the 20+m phishing sites that exist and constantly updating our databases with the latest malware.

Nothing can provide you with 100% guarantees but we use best practice to give you the best possible defences.

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